About MET

MET Aerospace Technologies LLC is an aerospace engineering service company founded in 2005 to assist airframe manufacturers, aircraft part/equipment suppliers, and other aviation related organizations for aircraft, part and equipment certification & qualification, design/production/ maintenance organisation approvals (DOA/POA/MOA), necessary process and procedure development and continued airworthiness activities.

Our company is located in Ankara Cyberpark which is a science and technology park established inside the Bilkent University of Turkiye. Ankara Cyberpark house more than 180 technology-based tenant companies and approximately 1700 R&D personnel and aims to be a concentration center for the companies who are involved in software development, aerospace and related technologies.

We have the chance to utilise the full advantages of synergy created within Ankara Cyberpark through the involvement of academics, students and research staff.

We support our customers who are faced with airworthiness and certification regulations.

We assist organisations in establishing, enhancing and implementing engineering processe and procedures and required documentation for an EASA approval.

We provide airworthiness and certification training sessions.