Airbus SAS, France : MET is working for Airbus DOA Independent Monitoring Department for civil and military Design Organization Approvals (DOA/PADA) within the scope of A400M program (December 2005- on going), DOA of A320 Passenger to Freighter Conversion (2008-June 2011: programme stopped), DOA of A350 (2010-on going) and infrastructure of Airbus DOA Independent Monitoring Department (December 2005- on going).

ASCO Industries, Belgium : MET worked for Belgium Aerospace company -ASCO Industries- for its mission to become an Airbus approved design organisation (November 2005-January 2007). MET also supported ASCO Industries on Design Assurance activities related to Airbus Post TC processes (October 2011-March 2012).

Undersecretariat of Defence, Turkiye : MET worked for Undersecretariat of Defence (SSM/STM) -Defence Procurement Agency of Turkiye, for the establishment of Military Design Organisation Approval ("TOYO") process and its management in C-130 modernization "Erciyes" project (April 2007-May 2008).

EASA, Europe : MET is nominated as a member in EASA chaired rule making group related to the task 21.024(b) "Subpart J, The Future of Design Organisation Approval (DOA) - Recognition of Suppliers, Contractors and Test Houses". NPA is prepared by the rulemaking group. (May 2007-Feb 2009)

EU-Russia Project : Industrial Cooperation with Russia-A320 Freighter Conversion-Harmonization of IR 21 and CS 25 with equivalent Russian Regulations. The project is sponcered by EU commission and lead by Airbus. MET was responsible for the Technical Project Management and the European Lead for the Supplier Control working Group. The project was completed with the establishment of «Recommendation Booklet» and its presentation to European (EASA) and Russian Authorities (August 2007-June 2009:)