Airbus Central, France : MET Aerospace works with Airbus Central-Airworthiness Assurance Department for civil and military Design Organisation Approvals (DOA/PADA) within the scope of A400M program (December 2006-going on).

ASCO Industries, Belgium : MET Aerospace has worked with Belgium Aerospace company -ASCO Industries- for its mission to become an Airbus approved design organisation (November 2006-January 2007: completed with success).

Undersecretariat of Defence, Turkiye : MET Aerospace works with Undersecretariat of Defence (SSM/STM) -Defence Procurement Agency of Turkiye, for the establishment of military Design Organisation Approval ("TOYO") process and its management for C-130 modernization "Erciyes" project (April 2007-going on).

EASA, Europe : MET Aerospace is nominated as a member in EASA chaired rule making group related to the task 21.024(b) "Subpart J, The Future of Design Organisation Approval (DOA) - Recognition of Suppliers, Contractors and Testv Houses". (May 2007-going on)