MET Aerospace Technologies provides following services:

Engineering Services

MET serves the aerospace sector by conducting a specific package of work falling under her speciality. The work is performed on-site customer and/or off-site Ankara depending on the agreement. We are experienced in complete product development life cycle in aerospace, from concept design until certification. MET offers cost efficient solutions with high quality result.


MET's services are focused on the process and procedure development necessary for aircraft design, development and certification. By analysing our customer needs, constraints and the actual situation, we help them to construct/shape their design and/or production organisations in order to be recognised and certified by the Aviation Authorities(EASA/NAA) for aircraft, parts and equipment design and production.

When required, support of worlwide recognised senior experts are utillized on the concerned subject.


MET offers global training programmes or customer focused training programmes on airworthiness, certification, organisation approvals to support the individual needs as well as the identified solution to be integrated and deployed after or during the engineering services phase.